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Seventh & ren

7th & Ren Hand-Crafted Miscellany is a Vancouver-based company that creates anything from cute totes to sarcastic and cheeky hand-drawn greeting cards. Their primary purpose was to start making beautiful stationery; however, they turned into a greeting card mogul with their online Etsy store. With it starting off being a stationery company, the brand's main focus was to be a minimalist and chic look that wouldn't overtake the piece the logo/brand rested on.

Seventh and Ren logo letter pressed on cotton paper
Seventh and Ren logo on tote bag
Seventh and ren moodboard
Handdrawn greeting cards with biggie smalls, eminem and kurt cobain
Seventh and ren note pad with pen
Seventh and ren Etsy shop on iMac
Whitecaps logo shown on an ipad pro

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