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Our Work

Feel like you want to take the leap and dive right in?

"My company hired Desiree to design the branding for our production studio pretty much from scratch. The first thing I loved about working with her was how clear her quote process was. There were no question marks around what was included, the number of revisions, and pricing — an area I have struggled with other designers over in the past. Once we got into the actual creative Desiree was so easy to work with and so patient with our extremely vague direction! She pulled together faint ideas and inspiration pieces we sent her and turned those into a tangible, impressive branding portfolio that perfectly sums up our company. I would (and have!) personally recommend her to anyone and I’m happy to be contacted to sing her praises!"

Jenni Baynham,
owner of Studio BRB

"I am so impressed, with everything:

  • All the work you’ve done 

  • The thought – were or are you a psychologist?!!! You really know how to think like a customer.

  • The creativity

  • The simplicity, that says a lot

Thank you!"

Carolynne Mahood,
owner of On Your Own TIme

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