Graphic Designer


Designing for the person with a passion; the knitter, the contractor, or the hotel owner.

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Des' Story

During my years of university at LaSalle College Vancouver (previously The Art Institute of Vancouver) I balanced a full time-job (sometimes two), full-time school and a small freelance side hustle to earn a little more cash. At the end of all the endless nights and countless homework submissions, I still managed to graduate with my Bachelors of Graphic Design in 2018 – with honours.

Now with a few years of experience under my belt and a bit more knowledge of who I am as a designer, I'm freelancing and contracting my way through life. While still managing contracts with Vancouver's Detail Communications and The JW Marriott Vancouver & The DOUGLAS An Autograph Collection Hotel, I'm still finding time to work with people who are just as passionate about their life goals as I am.

 After graduating, I've realized that although I worked hard independently to get where I am, I've also had many people help me along the way. Now I feel that it's my turn to help. I want to help people achieve their forgotten, present and life-long goals. Whether it be by getting through the nitty gritty of brand design, the beauty of publication design, or even just simple poster design, everyone has a passion and I want to share my passion of graphic design to help get those goals jump started.